The typical copier is the workhorse of the business world. Often stuck in an out of the way place, this magnificent machine is always used but rarely thought about. Yet, where would we be without a copier? A copier has freed small businesses, churches, and schools from the bondage of high printing prices. Copiers in Madison allow memos to be sent to a large group of people, parishioners to have a list of events, and children to take home pertinent information in regards to homework.

The copier has also allowed budding journalists and writers to self-publish and comment on society, giving us a power that many in history wish they possessed. The copier is a machine with many uses that puts the power of pass along information in our hands.

Although the copier is used for many mundane tasks, the output a typical machine can handle is actually quite staggering. Printers of Renaissance Europe and Colonial America would be in awe of this highly complex and precise piece of equipment.

Next time you go to work in the Madison area, don’t forget to be thankful for the copier. It may seem like a humble machine, but each one is so much more. Every office should recognize the real power of this humble machine.