A Key Question To Ask When Leasing A Madison Copier: Lease Rate Tiers And How They Affect Your Bottom Line

A little-known idea for savings on your Madison copier...

Do you ever wonder where all the money goes when you sign a lease for a Madison copier? Well I have a tip that could save you $1000 before you sign anything! Have you ever heard of lease ladders concerning a Madison copier lease? Well there are tiers, rungs, steps, break points, whatever you want to call them that determine how much you pay. The less you print, the lower the price, you pay more per month, and you get rewarded for buying a higher plan. But it’s not gradual. There are very strict demarcations, and here’s how you find them out:

  • Ask your Madison copier rep and see where that point is exactly
  • Figure out if you’re close to it, and if you’re just under buy enough to get over it
  • Crunch the numbers, because you can pay less per month and get more

If that doesn’t make sense, here are some helpful numbers: Say your contract is around $9,900. The next tier is $10,000. Figure out how to spend an extra $51 to get over that tier and your price per month will drop dramatically on your Madison copier lease! That’s not ideal for everyone, but that’s how it’s done the the Madison copier world and elsewhere!