Accurate Lease Quotes

Getting accurate lease quotes for a copier can be one of the most challenging things to understand when looking at new printer or copiers. Most people will Google what they think they want to know, and find that will be around $150 per month.

Most people take that number as fact and either never both to talk with a representative, or spend hours upon hours reading before they ever pick up the phone. At Madison Copier we believe that leasing should not be this hard to understand, and we want to be the ones to clear up any questions you may have.

What many new shoppers want to know when thinking about the $150 monthly price is, what makes it worth it? It is not unusual for people to think that they can get by simply buying a $200 printer and only paying for printer and ink. While it may look cheaper, most people forget to do the math on all the externalities.

Smaller printers only have a paper capacity of around 100-150 sheets while big copiers have a carrying capacity often exceeding 1500 pages. This will save you tons of time going back and worth to fill the tray, but often people pay too much for these smaller quantities of paper.

It is also common to assume that the $60 of ink every so often will be far cheaper than the $150 per month lease estimate. However, if you are paying $60 for ink every 200 pages, it can quickly add up to far more than the $150 lease.

At Madison Copier we believe that understanding your lease is paramount to your happiness and the success of your business. We want to help take the struggle out of getting accurate lease quotes, so please contact us as Madison Copier to see what we can do for you.