Asking the Right Questions

kyocera-copierMadison Copier Tip: 3 Important Questions To Ask

When shopping for a copier, it is important to know the right questions to ask. Madison Copier suggests that the following three question are at the top of your list.

First: What is the cost of the copier, apart from the supplies and the maintenance? This question is important because you will be able to determine the exact breakdown of the fees. When the cost of the supplies and maintenance contract are directly rolled into the price, it can be quite confusing to the true cost of the copier.

Second: What sort of features are included with this copier, such as printing, faxing and scanning? Most of our Madison Copier customers use their copiers for more than making photocopies. They rely on their copier for making hard copies and for faxing and scanning documents. Thus, it is important to make sure that your copier can make all your needs.

Third: Is the copier networkable? If you plan on connecting your copier to all your office computers for printing, it is important to ensure that it can interface with your network.

Madison Copier hopes these questions will make you savvy and informed consumers, regardless of your choice of vendor.