Buying a Copier? Avoid These Mistakes!

No one ever says, “Terrible deal? Where? Sign me up, immediately!” However, we have seen customers who walked into lose-lose situations, and we have noticed a handful of common elements in these bargain scenarios. The greatest mistake we have seen people make for buying a copier involves rushing to receive a quote. Take your time. Call around to make sure that the quote you receive is for the right copier to start with.

The second mistake we have seen customers make is believing they need a color copier. We have especially seen this when our competitors offer a free upgrade to color. Sounds great, right? While printing in color as needed appears a fantastic deal, many of these companies bank on the fact that these businesses will not manage their color printing and print more than they plan.

Our final most commonly seen mistake is when customers place one feature above all others. For example, are you looking at the pages per minute while failing to notice the warm-up time? Always look at the big picture. Weigh the facts of the copier you plan to purchase and look for the best offer.