Color Copiers — Who Do You Trust?

“Trust Me…”  These words we all know raise suspicion in us all.  When a person tells us how honest they are, or encourages us to trust them, there is generally a reason to be a bit suspicious.

With color copiers in Madison, this is especially true.  You need to be able to do a few things to be assured you are getting a good deal on your color copier in Madison!

  1. Get Print Samples.  This will assure you of two things.  1) that your copier company actually has one of the copiers they are trying to sell you and 2) that the color quality is acceptable for your application.
  2. Get an itemized quote.  Not doing so will cost you extra money as componets can get padded for extra margin
  3. Make sure you only sign up for the number of prints you actually use on your color copier (this way you don’t pay for copies you’re not using)
  4. Don’t be in a big hurry … and don’t drag your feet forever.  Take your time to get a good deal but also make sure can jump on the good deal when it arrives.
  5. Make sure your color copier company has technicians (not a technician) who can fix your color copier in Madison!

If you follow these simple tips, you should do well on your next color copier purchase in Madison!