Copier Buying Tips

Tips to answer copier sales tricks


Before you buy your next multi-function copier or printer it is important to educate yourself about the copier buying process and some of the tricks of the trade:

1. The lease—it is critical that you negotiate a good lease. There are a number of fees that can be packed into a lease that can cost you dearly. The first is a “documentation” fee, this is an unnecessary fee just for creating the lease that can cost you between $50 and $100 dollars. The second are 10 day late fees. Rather than giving you thirty days to pay before charging a late fee your company may end up paying extra because you can hardly keep up with the mail. Ask to have these items changed before you sign the dotted line.

2. The Trade-in—many copier companies have great trade-in programs but the copier rep has already figured this into the cost of the copier when he shows up to make the sale. Hold back that fact that you want to trade-in a copier until you see the rock-bottom lowest price without a trade-in.

3. Don’t be taken in by promises of low costs of making basic black and white copies. It is important to total up all costs including: service, supply refills, and the cost for color copies. Once you total costs, match those costs to your needs. If the formula that makes up your lease payment seems out of whack, ask for the terms to be changed.

A good copier rep will make money even if you reduce these unnecessary fees. Be patient and direct to get the best price.