Copier Coverage

There are principles that every Madison based business must understand in order to avoid being taken advantage of by a “Copier Vampire” when it comes to figuring out color coverage.

First, if the contract you have with your copier rep stipulates a 20 percent color coverage limit, make sure that there will not be an extra charge if your coverage exceeds the 20 percent limit. If the copier rep you are dealing with cannot guarantee that there will be no extra charge, then it is up to the business owner to monitor their company’s color coverage. They should guarantee that their color coverage does not exceed 20 percent on color copies and 5 percent on copies that are printed in black and white.

It is a good idea to have your team print off documents that you can show to your copier rep. Based on these documents, your copier rep can determine what your color coverage needs are. If the copier rep gives you a number by simply looking at the documents without running an analytics tool, you may be dealing with a “Copier Vampire.”