Copier Leases: What You Need to Know!

Part of multifunction printer closeup

Fortunately, leasing office equipment is a once in a while type of thing. You probably think of it as similar to leasing a car, but what many people fail to realize is that leasing is truly a commitment. You are signing a contract that you will continue to make monthly payments for a copier over the next three to five years.

First, understand that leasing will not be the same as a rental contract with copiers. We have even seen online how some copier companies confuse the two. A rental sometimes does not involve a contract, and you can normally rent for short-term projects. You can also rent based on a month-to-month basis.

Second, never overbuy on the features of your copier. Sometimes a copier sales representative will do their best to get you to exceed your needs, which is going to cost extra. When leasing, never buy extras because you think you might need it. Remember this about leasing: You can upgrade much easier than you can to downgrade. After you have overbought with a lease, you are locked into payments that you cannot lower because you want to downgrade.