Copier Leasing in Madison

Leasing a copier in Madison may not be the best choice

Here is the truth about leasing a copying machine: Not all businesses should sign a lease contract. The copier representative will say different, but smaller businesses and those with a home office in Madison could be better off purchasing a new or used machine. Every salesperson on the planet wants to make a profit so they can live a decent life. This is no different when it comes to those pushing copier leases on the public. However, put your business first and don’t always assume the leasing agent has the same point of view as yourself.

A lease brings n more money than a copier purchase. A lease that is long-term will more than pay for the copying machine. That same machine can be sent out to other businesses, with one item bringing in a good amount of pure profit.

To help decide if you need to purchase or lease a copier, look at the copying and printing volume your business produces in a month. If it isn’t a large volume, buy a smaller copier or multifunction device to handle the workload. Not every business needs a huge behemoth of a machine to print thirty or forty copies a day.

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