Copier Manager or Managed Print Services  

If you do not have someone who is in charge of tracking copier usage then you are probably losing money. People don’t realist just how much waste can add up from your copier or printer if you aren’t paying attention. There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to tracking copier usage: use a copier manager or a managed print services company.

Either option can be helpful to saving you money and keeping waste in check. However, it’s up to you to decide which is best for your business.

Copier Manager

  • Should be someone who already works in the office
  • Should be able to notice patterns of waste
  • Track unnecessary color use
  • Look for better deals on consumables
  • Keep consumables stocked and ready
  • Generally better for smaller operations

A copier manager can be a great first step to eliminating wasted money. Having a set of eyes on your everyday proceedings will help you notice unnecessary spending rather quickly. However, managed print services providers can do all this and more

Managed Print Services Providers

  • Track literally everything that happens with your copier
  • Deliver detailed reports about all use
  • Notice waste in any area
  • Find detailed trends in spending and waste

A managed print services provider will keep you from ever being surprised. They will be able to monitor just about anything that happens with your machine.

Either option is better than nothing. Putting a plan in place is always going to have a better result than doing nothing at all.