Copier Repairs

Get a Used Copier in MadisonWe wish it never happened, but once in a blue moon, your copier will malfunction. How do you know whether you can resolve the issue on your own or if you need copier repairs? 

For the most part, you can troubleshoot and easily solve most copier malfunctions. We know you don’t want to have to pay for copier repairs if the issue can be easily resolved with a little patience and know-how. We want to share a couple of quick checks that you can do before calling our office for copier repairs. 

  1. Check for Paper Jams: The most common and perhaps most annoying copier malfunction is the infamous paper jam. The paper jam has a very distinct sound and usually occurs when you are in a rush and can’t afford to take the time to deal with it. When the paper jam is located, simply pull gently on the offending piece of paper and check to make sure you have gotten all of the little pieces removed. Restart your copier and you’re finished!
  2. Check your toner and ink levels: If you are beginning to see uneven printing on your documents and have checked your scanner glass for obstructions, it may be time to check out your toner and ink cartridges to make sure that they have not run out. This is an easy fix- just replace it if they are empty!

Call us if you need help or expert copier repairs!