Document Security with Copiers

secureIn the copier realm, you have many security standards that need to be followed to keep your information confidential. We have many security standards, and we offer a lot of security features that put the lock and key on your data. One of the features that you may want to consider is known as customized user authentication. Using this option, only the people who have the right authorization will print a document, and that ensures that only the authorized individuals will have access to sensitive information. With this method, you can track your printer usage, and whenever someone has logged in, you can track who printed that document.

Another advantageous feature for document security is called encrypted PDF workflow, and that protects your information when it goes from the network to the PC. A lot of companies are using PDF for their data presentation, and you have a lot of different security enhancements that ensure your confidential data stays private. Finding a copier that accepts encrypted PDFs is another part of the process. A lot of companies have chosen to use PDFs for data presentation.