Ending your Copier Lease

You’ve had your copier for a few years now and the time is coming for your lease to end. You have begun your research into the latest-and-greatest machines, and are excited to get something new in your office. Unfortunately, not everyone reads their leases closely, and some people can get ripped off at the end of their lease.

At Madison Copier we believe that copier leases shouldn’t be difficult to understand. Sadly, some copier companies thrive off of making leases confusing so they can make a few extra dollars. That’s why it’s so important to understand your lease, especially what you need to do at the end.

There are a few things you need to pay attention to at the end of your lease.

  1. Do you have automatic rollover on your lease?
  2. What steps do you have to take when packing up your copier?
  3. Who is picking up and delivering your copier?

In case you don’t know what automatic rollover is, it is when your lease will continue automatically unless you specifically cancel it. This can lead you to having extra time on your lease on the backend. You could be stuck with your same, old copier for months that you did not plan on. And once the time has been added there is nothing you can do. Finding out if this is in your lease can save you lots of money and hassle later.

When packing, make sure you know what you have to do. Many companies will charge you fees if you do not pack it right. These stipulations usually apply to packing the toner in sealed, plastic bags, and separately packing the paper tray.

Finally, don’t just assume that your leasing company is picking up your copier free of charge. Figure out what the deal is on your lease, because you may be responsible for figuring out delivery.