Get more Capacity with Paper Trays

Is your business growing more than your previously thought? This is a problem, but a good problem at that. However, there are still things you are going to have to address, like your copier carrying capacity. You may think that you are in need of a total upgrade, but that’s not always the case. With the right upgrades, you can get more capacity without a total upgrade.

Getting more paper trays for your copier can actually solve a lot of your problems. Additional paper trays will give you much more carrying capacity ,and can actually help you get more organized.

Most office printers and copiers have a carrying capacity or around 500-5000 pages depending on your machine. Only the biggest printers can carry the full 5000 pages as a standard, but with paper trays many machines can reach that capacity and beyond. Paper trays are the perfect solution if you are tired of wasting time constantly replacing paper.

Paper trays are also a great way to organize if you use a lot of different types of media sizes. You can get paper trays that help you separate your paper types. You can get different ones to help you separate paper by color, weight, or media size. This will stop you from having to change the paper out for each a separate job, and keep you more organized in your office.

Getting more capacity with paper trays can save you much more time than you expect. You may not consider how much time is wasted by having to replace paper multiple times a day. However, over the course of a year the time really adds up. Save yourself time by getting more capacity with paper trays from Madison Copier.