Get Your Copier Installed by a Pro

satisfaction-guaranteedIn all my years at a Madison Copier company, I have yet to meet a business owner who was thrilled about the idea of paying extra for the set-up of their copier. Often, I am asked if there is some sort of a special discount if the in-house IT department takes care of configuring the new copier.

This is a big mistake. In order to truly save money, it is smart to pay for professional set-up and configuration of your new copier. The techs at our Madison Copier company are experts at getting your copier up and running so that you can get on with business. What will take us minutes to do will take a non-expert hours to do. Your in-house IT professionals, while capable, have their own projects in the works for your company. Asking them to spend hours setting up an unfamiliar system wastes their time and your money. In the end, it is cheaper pay for a set-up by a professional or to have the set-up included in the price (free installation).

I always recommend to my customers at our Madison Copier company that they take the “painless” approach and have an expert set-up their copier in order to ensure complete satisfaction.