Getting a Used Copier in Madison

Get a Used Copier in Madison

Get a Used Copier in Madison

Want to save some money on your next copier purchase?  Who doesn’t?  We have used copiers here in Madison with low meter reads on them and some of the best technology on the market.  When we sell a used copy machine, we don’t just take it from the old location and bring it to the new one.  We do things a lot differently.

  • We go through the service history to ensure it wasn’t a huge issue at the last location
  • We look at the meter read and the expected life to make sure you aren’t purchasing a used copier that will soon be out of parts or past its useful life
  • We replace worn and broken items
  • We offer the best service contracts on the copiers we do sell so you know we are covered.

Since we service the copiers we sell under a fixed cost agreement, it is in our best interest to sell you a copier that won’t break all the time.  We are on the same team.

Please give us a call if you are looking for a copier in Madison and we would love to help you!