Green IT Madison Kyocera Tips

It helps to keep your organization’s printing and copying habits eco-friendly with your Madison Kyocera. Here are some tips that can help your organization stay eco-friendly:

  1. Instead of printing and communicating via paper, communicate via email only whenever possible.
  2. You can cut your paper use by 50% and save money on printing supplies by using the duplex feature of your copier MFP.
  3. Avoid overprinting documents. Always take proactive measures to calculate how many copies to avoid overages whenever possible.
  4. Ensure that the document is proofed and is correct before printing. This way you can avoid reprinting and wasted copies upon discovery of errors.
  5. If you are footing the bill for your energy requirements, it doesn’t hurt to have an energy star label on the device.
  6. Whether you are using the devices or not, leaving them on can still be a drain on your energy resources. Turn the device off during prolonged nonuse; it reduces your monthly energy bill.
  7. Always follow the maintenance recommendations, and go beyond that if possible.
  8. Use recycled paper.
  9. Fit more content on the page by adjusting margins and type sizes.
  10. If you print draft documents, use ECO toner whenever possible. It reduces the amount of toner that you use.