How Free Printers Cost You Money

Free Printers Are Too Good to Be True

Some Madison resellers and manufacturers offer sweet deals to customers that are simply too good to be true. The deal usually involves getting a free printer when your company agrees to purchase toner from that manufacturer for two to three years. Of course, the truth is that these companies would never offer this deal if they weren’t going to make a lot more money on your contract than they would on the cost of the printer they are “giving” to you.

To assure that your Madison company does not fall prey to scams like this, always make sure to double check the purchasing price of the printer you are looking to buy. Simply going online and doing a quick search should give you the average price of that particular model.

Quality, trustworthy Madison copier manufacturers call these manufacturers Toner Pirates because they rob you of your money slowly with toner instead of taking it all with the initial purchase. Companies assume they must be getting a good deal, but they often pay twice the true price of the printer once their contract is up. Avoid these Toner Pirates, and always do your homework before making a printer purchase and signing a contract.