How Leasing Companies use Copier Shipping Against You

It is no secret that there are a lot of sneaky copier leasing companies out there. Many only want to take your money and will use annoying sales tactics to do it. One of the most common areas that we see this is with copier shipping. It’s an easily overlooked area, but we wanted to show you how leasing companies use copier shipping against you.

It’s important to know that you are going to be responsible for shipping your copier back once your lease is over. Many people never even consider this simple fact. They think that their leasing company is just going to come grab the machine and be on their way once the lease is over.

In reality it is the responsibility of the people who started the lease to figure out a shipping solution. This can be relatively affordable if you plan early, but most people don’t. It’s common for your lease end date to sneak up on you, and then suddenly you are scrambling for a solution. A last minute shipping solution can cost more than you planned and now you are in trouble.

Leasing companies know that this happens to many people. This is how they use copier shipping against you. They plan on many people getting themselves into a bind, and then they will offer to take away the shipping costs if you start a new lease with them. They are basically forcing you into another lease to avoid a big expense that they knew you would likely incur.

Don’t work with companies who use tactics like this. They are not honest and will try to trick you so they can make more money.