How to Save Energy and Money!

3 energy saving tips

The energy needs of an office are many. Every piece of digital equipment needs to be plugged in to a myriad assortment of electrical outlets. A copier is no different and needs that sweet flow of energy to function. There are a few ways to help keep the energy costs of your copier low. This will help bring down energy costs for the entire company.

Make use of the built-in snooze feature

Much like laptops and computers, modern copiers have a function to let the machine sleep. Make sure to set this function to activate after a certain number of minutes. This will cut down on the energy needed to run your copier.

Don’t leave the copier on at night – some copiers require you do, so check with the manufacturer if it is OK with your model.

It is easy to leave a copier on at night when it is time to go. Have someone check the copier and turn it off. This will allow the copier to rest while saving the energy it would use all night. Make sure the copier is turned off completely and not in sleep mode.

Copy on both sides of the paper

This will save energy because the copier won’t have to do as much work. The copier won’t have to force as many pages through the machinery. This will cut energy costs.