Importance of Data Security in your Madison Copier

Data security on your Madison copier have you in the dark?

Would you be upset if your bank account number was available to anyone and everyone? How about your social security number, credit card number and expiration date? Well the way some people treat data security in Madison copiers, it’s just like having those on a post-it on your office door! Every time a Madison copier scans or copies something on a post 2002 model copier, your data security is in question. Who might this be important to regarding this subject of a Madison copier?

  • Hackers who want your information or your companies information
  • Any office dealing with sensitive information
  • Any medical office having a Madison copier (All of which need to be HIPPA compliant)
  • Law enforcement, law offices, financial institutions, accounting offices, etc

It is easy to extrapolate the risk and the consequences of poor data security, and realize the detriment it could have on Madison copier data security in general! There are so many things that get copied every day in every office that could be abused if in the hands of the wrong person, so educate yourself on the safeguards available today on your Madison copier!