Insight from Expert Technicians: What is an LED Printer?

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A lot of people know about laser printers even if they do not understand how they work. While LED printers have existed since the middle of the 1990s, lighting and timing issues affected the image quality, which meant that the laser printer gained more prominence. How do the two technologies differ? First, a laser printer uses static electricity to draw images based on the pattern of static electric charges. With an LED printer, it utilizes the same process, but instead of using a complex mirroring system, they use Hi-Q LED technology that eliminates the lighting and timing inconsistencies.

An LED printer consumes less energy, and it saves you desk space. In addition, LED printers have a greater tendency to be more mechanically reliable than a laser printer because they have less moving parts. They also will normally operate more quietly than what you receive with the other printer type. As stated before, LED printers do have their share of problems, but as technology advances, we are slowly seeing an elimination of these issues. Want to learn more about LED printers? For further information, call today!