Is Color Getting Counted As Black And White On Your Madison Copier?

Time To Make Sure Your Madison Copier Isn't Getting Charged B&W As Color

What is the difference between 20% and 80%? Easy question, you might say, unless you have a Madison copier where you’re paying too much for color! Some people think that 100% color coverage is the whole page, and 20% is just that–20%. You would in reality have to print 80% color coverage on your Madison copier to cover 20% of your page however, because with 4 “colors” you can have 400% coverage, so that 20% deal that you got is really only 5% of each color. Madison copier reps don’t always spell it out this clearly, and it usually isn’t in their best interest for profit. Here are a few other things to look into to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your Madison copiers:

  • Copying and printing in grayscale actually COUNTS as color
  • Even ONE word on the page in color counts it as a regular color page
  • If any person can print to the color copier your volume WILL be higher

So take into account your Madison copier needs and take a glance at who’s printing where, what they’re actually printing or copying, and if there’s a place to cut back. Check out your contract, and make sure that 20% coverage is actually what you need and that you’re not throwing away money on overages on your Madison copier!