Judging a Copier Contract

If you are looking for a good copier contract then you have probably seen a lot of different pieces of advice. There is no really good hard and fast rule to decide if a copier lease is “good” or not. What works for one person may not be right for another. That’s why we made this little guide on judging a copier contract to help you understand what to look for when signing a copier lease.

Copier leases are long-term contracts that you and the copier leasing company are both agreeing to. You both need to make sure that you are getting what you want. In our opinion at Madison Copier there are three things you want to pay attention to as the buyer. Those three things are true total cost, time restraints, and increased efficiency.

  1. True total Cost. You need to understand the actual cost of everything you are paying for. Don’t just take the lease payment at face value. Make sure you understand all fees, charges, payments, and what you get for them. Many people have charges sprung on them because they did not really understand their lease. Take the extra time to truly understand your costs and benefits.
  2. Time Restraints. You need to know what time restraints you might be facing in regards to repairs. This is more about how fast the response time is when dealing with a breakdown or maintenance issue. Who will you contact and how fast will they help you? How long will it take for a part to come in? How long can you afford to be without your machine?
  3. Increased Efficiency. The whole reason you are getting a copier is to help your office run more smoothly. You need to demand that this machine you are spending money on will actually satisfy your needs. If this machine isn’t truly helping your office then it’s not right for you.

These three areas are good to evaluate to help you know if this lease is right for you. There are other important details to be aware of, but if you are happy in these three areas then you will probably be alright with your lease. Remember, judging a copier contract is about making sure your needs are met, at a fair price.