Keeping the Dust Away from Your Copier

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Paying attention to the cleanliness of your copier is vital if you want to lengthen its lifespan. Imagine that you could have avoided a service call if only you had kept the dust away from your machine. When it comes to service calls, many technicians will tell you that dust is the main culprit. In addition to longevity, you increase the healthiness of your work environment.

What can you do to keep the dust away from your copier?

First, check the glass often and clean it. Warning: You want to use a soft cloth because scratching the glass will affect the copying and scan quality. Never spray the machine directly. Instead, wet the cloth. This helps you to keep moisture from seeping in.

You can also give the rest of your machine a rubdown, using a damp cloth. If you can move the equipment safely, wipe behind the equipment as well. We recommend unplugging the copier first to eliminate the risk of electric shock. If you are going to vacuum the dust away from the copier, always use a toner vacuum. Because there is static electricity in toner, using the wrong vacuum can lead to electric shock.