Knowing What You Want Out of Your Copier

With so many different kinds of copier accessibilities out there, it can be pretty overwhelming to think about what your office will and won’t use. We have seen cases where people buy unnecessarily expensive copiers, with all the bells and whistles,  who end up not using many of those accessories that they paid good money for, Banner-Copier-Galbut we have also seen where companies didn’t get all of the accessories that ended up needing later on. This just highlights how important it is that you have as clear a picture about what you need out of your copier before you buy something. Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you invest in a device for your business:

Is it necessary that our copier have tabloid printing?

Will our company use finishing enough to justify spending the extra money on this feature?

When will our company need the copier by?

What does the current device we are using have that we like and what do we need that it doesn’t have?

What will the decision process look like? Who am I going to need to consult in terms of making this decision for the rest of the office?

Having these kinds of questions answered before you buy a new copier will insure that you get the copier you want and will help your sales rep get you the best options out there. We would love the opportunity to get your Madison area business the copier that it needs to succeed. Give us a call at (608) 229-1508 and we will get the process started!