Kyocera 2050 Product Review

Kyocera 2050 Copier

Kyocera 2050 Copier

We have recently ordered a ton of the Kyocera 2050 copiers because we were able to get a bulk deal and we wanted to do a review because we feel there are companies in Madison that could use a good deal on a copier!   We only have 12 of these available currently, so you will want to check out this deal if your copier lease in Madison is coming up soon!

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this copier?

Advantages of the Kyocera 2050 copier

  • Extremely low cost of ownership
  • Low cost on the device with our special!
  • Very reliable
  • Perfect for engineers or architects who need the 11X17 paper but aren’t needing ultra blazing fast production

Disadvantages of the Kyocera 2050 copier:

  • It is slower than the bigger series and if you need a ton of speed, this is not the copier for you
  • Kludgy interface compared to the newer series that came out this last year.

Like all copiers, the Kyocera 2050 has definate strengths and weaknesses.  We feel for the small business who need a solid and reliable copier and who doesn’t want to pay $400 a month to get it, this may be a perfect fit!