Kyocera Copier Drums — Technical Stuff


Do you have a Kyocera Copier here in Madison and seem to be having a problem with drums?  Maybe you have a Kyocera printer and have these kinds of issues.  There are a few things you should consider if this describes your situation.

First of all, you should make sure you are buying your Kyocera copier items from a dealer who is Kyocera service authorized.  Why?  Because if your drum fails at 100,000 pages instead of 500,000 pages, we are able to get re-imbursements that other non authorized companies are not able to get.

Second, you should keep your copier away from inside/outside entrances.  Humidity changes are not good for drums and the biggest humidity changes occur around doors that go from inside to outside.

Third, you should always keep track when the last drum was put in (or toner for that matter) and make sure you are getting the yields that are advertised by the manufacturers.  We find they are generally accurate, but it is always good to check as nothing is ever mechanically perfect.  Maybe there is a machine issue if this becomes a persistent issue and is not just a supplies issue with your copier in Madison!