Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI Color Copier

Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI

Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI

If you have been looking for a color copier in Madison, WI…  you need to consider the Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI.  At 25 pages per minute, this copier won’t set any speed records, but if you are just looking for a high quality color copier which won’t need tons of maintenance, this just may be the ticket.  If you are doing tons of print volume (more than 7,500 color copies a month, you may want to consider upgrading to the Kyocera TaskAlfa 400CI or the Kyocera TaskAlfa 500CI.  This copier, the Kyocera TaskAlfa 250CI is perfect for the application of doing office printing and not costing thousands upon thousands of extra dollars.

Our cost per print plans on this model are generally about $.069 per print for color and just $.012 for Black and white copies.  Low volumes may be a bit higher on costs and high volumes are a bit lower. 

Finding the right color copier in Madison can be a challenge.  We are happy to recommend this to the “average” business, but like all copier sales, we need to speak with you to understand your exact needs so we can quote the best product for your specific situation!

Please give us a call for a color copier in Madison WI!