Kyocera TaskAlfa and Data Security

Kyocera TaskAlfa 250ci Copier

Kyocera TaskAlfa 250ci Copier

Have you been consdering a color copier in Madison?  have you been looking at Xerox, Toshiba, Canon, Lexmark, HP or Ricoh for your color copying needs?  These are all good brands and have their strengths, but we want to touch on a reason that you should consider Kyocera, beyond its excellent pricing.  Data Security.

Now, every manufacturer has some sort of data erase capability, but Kyocera does offer a kit which will do a 3X wipe on the copier hard drive.  It is a great addition.  Some copiers do not have data erase enablement features.  Why does this matter to you?

If you do not have data erase, or data erase activated…  the copies you make here in Madison, get stored on the hard drive.  If some nefarious individual steals the copier or takes the hard drive of the copier, they can have very sensitive information.  Social Security numbers, your customer data, top secret information.  Anything you have copier could potentially be lifted off the drive if you do not have aggressive measures to ensure the data security.

If you do not have data security options on your current copier, you need to give us a call so we can go over why this is important and how you can keep yourself safe from data miners on your copier.