Kyocera TaskAlfa Copiers and Ozone

Don't breathe ozone if you don't have to!

Don't breathe ozone if you don't have to!

If you have a high speed industrial copier in Madison, or anywhere for that matter, you may be breathing in ozone fumes.  Ozone is considered an allergin and a VOC.  What’s a VOC?  It’s what is called a volitile organic compound.  What this means is that innocent  copier in the office is spitting out ozone and possibly making workers unsafe.  Kyocera is different because it doesn’t produce ozone.  Instread of using a corona wire to charge the paper, the Kyocera has the opposite magnetism as a typical copier because if its highly “green” ceramic drum.  Kyocera does not use the typical selenium type of drum to create the charge needed for the copier to produce copies

So, what does this mean for you, the copier buyer in Madison?

  • Employees don’t get sick as often
  • Employees aren’t breathing in a poison
  • The drums can be recycled in a more friendly manner
  • Costs go down because the drum even lasts longer.

If you want a copier in Madison that won’t make you sick, please give us a call!