Laser Printer or Copiers in Madison WI

Madison: Printer or Copier?

Sensitive business data can be compromised in a number of ways. Data security for printers and copiers in Madison involves multiple layers of precaution. As technology changes, the means of protecting your data must also change. There are few things less secure than an outdated security system. The architecture of the system as well as the components play a role.

For example, in the past it was sufficient to simply protect the hard drive. Recent changes in technology, especially over the last decade, have created an environment where new threats are emerging at a rapid pace. The need for the most updated security measures is now critical. Networking is commonly expected, and device integration is the industry standard.

In this new integrated networking environment, you can expect threats from a variety of places:

• The routing of the devices could expose your data
• Encryption must often be enabled before protection is activated
• If you have a security kit, it must be installed properly

These are just a few of the risks; call us with any questions!