Lease or Purchase a New Copier?

Banner-Copier-GalMadison Copier Tip: The Difference Between Leasing And Purchasing A Copier

A common question that I get from my customers at Madison Copier is the following: “Is it better to lease or purchase my copier?” This is a very good question. The answer depends one your company’s situation.

The advantage of leasing a copier is that you get to spread out the cost of the hardware over the course of the lease. Many business prefer to pay a low monthly fee to “rent” their machine from Madison Copier than to pay the entire amount by making an upfront purchase.

The disadvantage of a lease is that your company does not own the copier – Madison Copier (or another vendor of your choice) does. This means that your vendor will choose the service technicians to provide necessary repairs to your machine. Also, when the lease is up, you must return the copier to the vendor or renew for another term.

By purchasing a copier outright, your company has a lot of flexibility because you own the machine. You can choose your preferred to provide routine maintenance to your copier. Further, you can use the copier for its entire life cycle. Since most copiers last well past a standard lease, you pay less in the end.