Lease renewal for Madison

Are you about to get a lease renewal?

Before you sign for that renewal you should take a second and read this! We don’t recommend lease renewals. There are multiple reasons for this.

  1. Unfortunately nothing is free. The lending institution may “forgive” the remainder of your lease but that cost will be worked into the next one that you get. Hm.
  2. Copiers should last the full length of the lease. If yours broke to a point that you need to sign a lease renewal then it was not a quality machine to begin with. Do you really want to sign yourself to the same company that sold you a sub-standard machine in the first place?
  3. These lease renewals are often decided upon when the owner is in a tight spot. They don’t always look at the other options that they have available. You should check to see what other options you may have before you sign up for one of these.

If you need a copier in Madison we would love to help out, give us a call.