Madison Copier Tabloid Printing And The Importance Of Clicks

If Your Tabloid Madison Copier Takes Up As Much Room As An Elephant Read This!

Is your Madison copier getting counted as 2 clicks for tabloid printing? An easy way is to ask your rep or look at your contract. But first of all why does it make a difference and what exactly does it mean in regards to your Madison copier? Well the difference is this:

  • You could be getting charged double for tabloid as a regular letter/legal size!
  • Xerox counts tabloid as 1 “click” and some count it as 2 “clicks”
  • Being unbiased to brands, Xerox’s clicks are sometimes more so double check

So how do you reconcile these differences and get the best deal for your Madison copier? You decide how much tabloid printing and copying you do! If you do very little, just compare any brand in referencing total cost of ownership to you. But if you insist that your business needs to print tabloid then it does! And from there you find a copier in Madison that counts it as 1 click and avoid paying up to twice the cost! Make your Madison copier work FOR you and not against you!