Maintain Your Copiers

As with just about anything, if you give your copier the proper amount of maintenance, it will last as long as it should and will function properly for the time that you own it. The paper and toner you run through your machine can also affect the way that your copier works. It is important that you store checklistpaper in the proper climate because if you put paper in your copier that has been exposed to extreme temperatures, it could cause harm to your copier. This could lead to jamming. If it is possible you should load entire reams of paper into copiers so that you do not have half opened reams lying around the office being exposed to dirt and other things that could cause harm. Most copiers have energy saving features that will shut the copier down during the weekends and at nights. Try to not leave paper in the copier during these times so as to not expose it to the changing temperatures of the room.

It is also helpful to keep a toner vacuum, nonabrasive glass cleaner and lint-free cloths near the copier so that you will be able to keep the glass clean and clean up any toner spills that might happen.

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