Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining a copier ensures that you will have a reliable device that will be with your company for many years to come. You want to make sure to keep the device clean and have it serviced regularly. Another thing Banner-Copier-Galthat many people do not take into consideration, is that the toner and paper you put into the machine can greatly affect the way that your copier functions over the course of its life. If you use low quality paper and toner, this will wear on the machine gradually and will cause more repairs to be required in the long run. Make sure you properly store toner and paper so that it does not get exposed to moisture.

In the even that you do need repairs to be made to your copier, make sure that you have a service technician that is reliable and knows what they are doing. Bad repair jobs can also lead to problems further on down the road. Make sure that you have a company that is familiar with your particular device and make sure they respond in a timely fashion so that you will not be without your copier which will reflect poorly on your company.

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