Managing Copier Expectations in Madison

Don't Let Departments Fight Because of Unmanaged Expectations!

Don't Let Departments Fight Because of Unmanaged Expectations!

“Who bought this copier?  The last one let me do this whole process in 2 button pushes, why is this one so hard?”  Change is difficult, and if you are the one who brought in the change, it can be brutal?  Why?  People blame you for anything that is harder and credits the manufacturer of the copier for anything that’s easier.  It’s sort of a no win situation.  You caused all the problems and they made all the solutions.

This is a harsh reality with copier purchases.  If this is the case, what can you do to make life easier for you in regards to your Copier in Madison?

  1. Ask people what they do on a daily basis as well as if there are any huge “special projects they do and account for this
  2. Watch how people use the copier or look at the copier internal logs to see how it is being used.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask the copier rep difficult questions to make sure it” work
  4. Make sure people are getting trained (a lot of the inabilities could simply be traing issues)
  5. Ask what people would like to be able to do.

If you do all this and work with your copier rep, you have a lot better chance of having a successful copier deployment in Madison, WI!