Managing Your Printing Expenses

kyocera-copierYou want to manage your printer expenses where possible because it will lead to greater savings. As a business owner, you want to save wherever possible to increase your profits and lower the overall business expenses. Saving on printing becomes one of the areas to save. How can you save money on printing? First, understand that managing a printer fleet can lead to a great deal of confusion. For that reason, you should delegate the responsibility of purchasing supplies to one or two employees. You also want to create an accountability system for the supplies that are ordered.

Next, you should adjust the default settings on your printers to create greater cost efficiency. For example, instead of having copiers that will automatically print in color, set the default to black and white. You want to set up the default for the less expensive printing options. Employees will often print documents without thinking, and you want to design the system so that they will have to make a conscious choice for the more expensive options. Aside from changing the color printing default, you can also set up duplex printing as the default.