Questions to ask when buying a copier


You go to a specialist when you get your teeth cleaned and use a specialist when you buy a house. Why not talk with a specialist when you are ready to buy a copier for your small business? There are some very important questions to ask when buying a copier and our years of experience certainly qualify us as specialists in the field of copiers. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we want to give you just a few ideas to consider.

  1. What do you need to use the equipment for? Do you need your copiers to scan, fax and make color copies or do you simply need a small desktop printer with black and white ink? Defining your needs can go a long way in narrowing down your options.
  2. What is your budget? Cash flow is key when running a small business and you need to have a set budget in mind when purchasing a copier.
  3. How often do you use your copier?  This is an important consideration. It might be helpful to pay attention to the usage on your current machine. You want to be sure that the machine you invest in can handle the workload.

These are just three of many questions to ask when buying a copier We will be happy to assist you in your purchase and can help you to make the best business decision for your individual needs.