Questions for your Leasing Agent

If you want to get a great copier lease then it’s important to work with someone that you trust. Not all copier leasing agents are going to be interested in actually helping you get a great lease. Many of them are only going to want to help themselves make money off of your lease. This is why we think it’s so important to be ready with questions to ask your leasing agent before signing any contract.

  1. What kind of assistance can I expect if I need help with my machine? Are they actually going to want to help you when you need it or will they leave you to your own devices when things turn ugly.
  2. What is the total financial breakdown of my lease? Don’t assume that your lease payment is everything you need to worry about. Ask for specifics about what you are paying for and where your money is going. This is a great one for determining if they are trying to smooth over a bad lease or not.
  3. What do you think would be a good match for my business? This is good to see if they are just trying to push you to expensive options. If they want you to spend thousands for something that would cost you a fraction of that then you know you aren’t dealing with someone who wants to actually help you.

Having some questions like these can be very beneficially before choosing the lease that you are stuck with. You are going to want to make sure that the person helping you is being honest and offering solutions that will actually work for your business.