Recycling Your Toner Cartridges

kyocera-copierLooking to Go Green in the office? When you utilize green marketing, you can enhance your business image and secure your business with a greener choice. According to a report from Intuit, 2020 will bring about a new competitive environment and sustainability will mean everything.

How can you contribute to a better environment? One of the biggest factors in whether customers will decide whether or not to support them is based on if the company recycles. About 60 percent of customers said they wanted to support greener businesses.

How can you do that? One of the methods that you can go green is by recycling your toner cartridges. Over the last 20 years, the toner cartridge recycling program saved more than 145 million pounds of waste. That equates to 45,312 regular-sized cars.

Recycling toner cartridges does not have to be difficult. For example, you can often get involved in a recycling program through your manufacturing company. Look at the requirements in advance. In some cases, you will have to request a pre-paid shipping label, and you may have to call UPS to pick up the cartridges.