Secure your copier!

Are your copiers secured, Madison?

With growing problems like identity theft, many businesses have taken the time to keep their computer networks as secure as possible. Sometimes however, the copiers are overlooked. If you are interested in keeping clients’ confidentiality, please consider the following.

  • The majority of copiers built since 2002 have an internal hard drive. This means that your copier probably has images of copies being stored on it right now.
  • Not all copiers have a standard data security kit. If yours did come with one you should check to be sure that it was set up correctly at the beginning.
  • At the end of leases copiers are often returned and resold to the used market. If you plan on returning your copier and it’s not secure then you could be sending your clients’ information to an unknown source.
  • This should be considered especially if you are a lawyer, a CPA, in the medical field, or a government entity.

If you need help choosing a copier that will suit your needs, please call us. We serve all of the Madison metro area.