Should you buy or lease a copier?

kyocera-copierWhen you run your own business, you have many important decisions to make. Who should you hire? How do you set yourself apart? How do you keep up-to-date on the latest technology while watching your bottom line? When setting up your office environment, you have to ask yourself another important question. Should you buy or lease a copier?

Pros of Leasing a copier:

  • Leasing a copier can help you and your business keep up with the pace of technology because you will often have the flexibility of upgrading your equipment when your lease term is up.
  • If you have low cash flow, having a lower monthly payment can help you hold on to more of your money up front.

Cons of Leasing a copier: 

  • You can end up spending more money in the long run.

Pros of Buying a copier: 

  • Buying a copier can be a great business decision, especially if you have the cash to make the investment. Without interest payments, you will save money over time. Purchasing your copier can help your bottom line when tax time comes.

Cons of Buying a copier;

  • The initial cost of a professional grade copier can be quite expensive. If you struggle with cash flow, this option might be out of reach. Also, as quickly as technology changes in this market, you risk having a dinosaur
    copier in a matter of years.

Should you buy or lease a copier? Let us help you navigate this important decision, call us today!