Storing Copier Supplies in Madison

Madison business owners who are interested in maximizing profits and saving as much money as possible should note that their printing supply storage habits may be costing them money. In some cases, Madison companies will purchase cartridges and printing supplies without planning to use them immediately. Instead, they store these products away in a designated storage room and subsequently retrieve them when necessary. While this may seem like a prudent idea, it may not be. Why? The answer has to do with the warranty.

As many business professionals know, almost every product comes with some type of warranty-including printing products. The warranty is basically the manufacturer’s promise to give the purchaser a full refund or exchange on the product if it malfunctions or breaks within a specific period of time. This time period can be anywhere from three months to one year. In the event that your company purchases a printing supply product with a warranty expiration of three months and you don’t use the product until six months later, you might not be entitled to a refund in the event that the item doesn’t work properly.

Although the issue of printing supply warranties could be an issue for your company, it doesn’t have to be. Simply call your Madison manufacturer and ask for a detailed breakdown of how your product warranty works, including how long it lasts. In so doing, you’ll likely be able to save your company a substantive amount of money and use those funds to ensure that your business keeps growing.