The basics of maintenance contracts

Madison maintenance contracts 101

Lease contracts can be tricky. You may have noticed that there are a few different ways that they are presented, it can be confusing to people who have seen a lot of them and daunting for those new to the copier buying world. The following are the basic agreements. Most anything you see will be either one of these or a variation.

  • Cost per print: As it sounds. For every print you make there is a certain cost that goes to maintenance. This is good because it is a bottom line, predictable number.
  • Toner out: With this model you pay an up front cost for maintenance at the begining of the year and the toner is purchased¬†separately. This is common with people who own small machines because no matter how much they print in a year their maintenance is covered under one cost.
  • Maintenance included: You purchase your toner at an inflated cost and the maintenance is worked into the number. If you don’t want a big bill at the start of the year this is handy plus if you have some printers that don’t get used a lot you don’t have to pay a lot for them. Look out though, the only way that the toner company can make money on this is if you buy toner from them, so they’re probably going to try to stock you up on a bunch of toner.

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