The value of color prints

Get the edge in Madison 

Color printing has been around for years. It’s been and is still very popular, but why do we use this? The closest thing that I could say is that it seems better from some intuition. You may be considering switching over to a color copier and looking for a reason why that’s beyond an “intuition”. Thankfully, Xerox has put the time into finding out the science behind color printing and copying. Here are a few interesting points.

  • A newsletter or pamphlet gets about 2.5 seconds to make an impression. Color makes them catch your customer’s eye and holds it with the professionalism.
  • Color increases attention span by 82%.
  • Color telephone listings have been found to increase responses by 44%. To be fair, they are competing with mainly black and white, boring advertisements.
  • 55% of people will pick up color mail before black and white. I would say that this is a similar case to the phone listings, most mail is boring so the color stands out. Impressive none the less.
  • Color reduces errors by 80% . This is good to know for internal purposes, the less errors the better.
  • Color helps sell 80% more. WOW.
  • Color increases brand recognition by 80%. If you need to set yourself apart from the other options this may be the answer.

So there are plenty of reasons to choose a color copier, you really need to find out if it’s the best for what you do.

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