Tips for keeping your copier costs in check in Madison

Make sure you don’t put money into your copier when it’s not needed

Keep your copier expenses trim.

Here are a few tips on problems that we often see handled incorrectly. It can’t hurt to get the expert opinion, right?

1. When you purchase a copier don’t get hung up on one cost. Keep them all in mind (cost of machine and cost to run said machine) except for paper. Add them up and look at how much the copiers you’re comparing will cost you total over the five years you have them.

2. Check out the maintenance records on the machines you have now. Do you have any problem machines that are breaking down considerably more than the rest? How much is that down time costing you?

3. Don’t buy color unless you need it. If you get it and you don’t need it, it will be used and it will cost you more.

4. If letter/legal will work for you, then don’t get a tabloid copier.

5. If you work for a large company, let your rep know. Oftentimes he’ll be able to get you “major account” pricing.

If you are in the market, or have questions call us!