Troubleshooting your printer

out-of-order-300x215It never fails. You have a huge project with a fast approaching deadline and you’re under the wire. When you finally press print on your computer, you hear a familiar yet disturbing sound coming from your printer. The timing is terrible but it’s like Murphy’s Law of printers- they oftentimes breakdown when you have the least time to deal with it. Luckily, most malfunctions can be easily resolved with just a few common check ups. When troubleshooting your printer, take a deep breath and try a few things before calling one of our technicians.

Usually, when troubleshooting your printer, the first thing to check out is whether there is a paper jam somewhere in your printer. Paper jams are not only pretty common, they aren’t very difficult to resolve. Look for the paper jam and simply remove the paper jam SLOWLY and gently. Don’t tug at a paper jam so that you can avoid damaging your machine or causing an even more difficult paper jam.

Another common malfunction to look for when troubleshooting your printer is uneven print quality on your documents. Checking the toner and ink cartridges is a quick and easy fix and should have your printer back in business in minutes.

When troubleshooting your printer, sometimes you will find your documents with streaks or strange markings on the page. Oftentimes, this is an easy fix if you clean off your scanner glass with some glass cleaner.

If none of these options help with your printer troubles, it may be time to call your local technician.